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Have you ever wondered what happens to the excess funds after a tax sale or foreclosure auction? Did you know that you may be entitled to a share of those surplus funds? At Straitway Realty Solutions, we specialize in helping individuals like you reclaim what’s rightfully theirs.

Stratiway Realty Solutions

About Us

Stratiway Realty Solutions is a leading asset recovery firm located in Lowell, NC. Our mission is to help individuals reclaim the funds owed to them following a tax sale or a Foreclosure Auction. We also help people claim unclaimed state funds. Through meticulous auditing of government and public records, we track down any unclaimed money and ensure that it reaches its rightful owners.

Stratiway Realty Solutions

Our Process

At Stratiway Realty Solutions, we have assisted numerous individuals in recovering their rightful funds. With a network of experienced attorneys in various states, we facilitate the claims filing process and meticulously review all legal documents, ensuring a seamless and efficient recovery journey. Our priority is to deliver positive results for our clients.

Step 1

We conduct thorough searches across thousands of government, land, and court records to uncover owed funds and lost assets.

Step 2

Our dedicated processing department investigates and locates any possible contact information for claimants.

Step 3

After a complimentary consultation, our clients sign a fee agreement to engage our services for processing the claim, with no upfront costs.

Step 4

Our attorneys locate and submit all necessary paperwork to the court, ensuring a smooth process. YOU PAY NOTHING UNLESS WE SUCCESSFULLY RECOVER YOUR FUNDS.

Step 5

Upon successful execution of the case, you receive an overnight check, delivering the funds you are entitled to.

Message From the Founder

Halliman Alexander

My life’s objective is to continuously aspire to the highest competency by working passionately with humility, purpose, and gratitude. I embrace the spirit of excellence, accountability, and hard work; desiring to share in a legacy where strength of character, dedication, and distinction are ubiquitous. I have a penchant for helping people, striving to be a positive influence in their lives. That is my purpose and the reason that I started Straitway Realty Solutions.



J. Evans

Marion County, Indiana

After my mother’s property was sold at tax auction, I found myself down on my luck. I thought we’d be able to redeem the property, but we weren’t. Fortunately, Straitway’s Attorneys fought to get our Surplus back from Marion County. I was able to use that money to get back on my feet and find a new house. Halliman and the team of professionals at Straitway are true life savers.


When I received a call from Straitway, I was in disbelief. I had no idea that my parent’s property was even sold at auction, let alone that I was entitled to money after the foreclosure. The folks over at Straitway were professional, knowledgeable, patient, and courteous. They kept me regularly informed of my case’s status every step of the way. GOD BLESS THEM!

A. Johnson

Chatham County, Georgia

S. Rodriguez

Brevard County, Florida

I’ll admit, I was very skeptical when I received a letter from Straitway. We all know what happens when your property sells at a foreclosure. However, Straitway provided me with proof and quickly got us paid with competitive rates on the filing


What I love about this Company is their commitment to families. Straitway demonstrated a willingness to meet us where we were at. I’m so glad their Attorneys were able to recover money for our family. We certainly couldn’t afford to pay them upfront.

B. Nichols

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

D. Shephard

San Diego County, California

Straitway helped us to recover a considerable sum from my father’s estate. We had no idea he even had investment accounts. The claim process was very simple and they handled everything. These people truly are professionals!


Straitway separated themselves from other companies by providing knowledge on how foreclosures actually work. The staff was friendly, helpful and didn’t pressure me into a decision with a constant barrage of phone calls. Thanks guys!

A. DiBlasio

King County, Washington

F. Jones

Harris County, Texas

Honestly, I thought this was a total scam. Opportunistic people love to take advantage of the elderly. Thank GOD I decided to open their letter when I received it in the mail. Straitway’s Attorneys were true advocates for my case. Once they explained that payment for services would happen after they recovered money, I figured this was legit.


Halliman and his team at Straitway were excellent in helping to get our funds. We thought once the auction took place, it was a total loss. They got us money back fast, and we didn’t have to pay a dime out of pocket.

R. White

Essex County, New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

If your property is in default, or has been foreclosed; the chances are you’re being called regarding possible excess proceeds that must be claimed by the person of interest to the property.

NO. we do not ask for any financial information nor charge any money upfront. We work on a contingency basis and are only paid when we successfully recover the funds

Excess proceeds law states that the family chain of succession must be incorporated in the event of deceased title holders. 

The timeframe can vary, typically ranging from 3 to 6 months. However, it’s important to note that certain cases may require additional time, particularly when an estate needs to be opened, which can potentially extend the process further